If you're eager for discoveries and adventures instead of lying on the beach, then far away from all the resorts, two hundred kilometers away from Ankara and 90 km from the Black Sea you will find a wonderful gift - a small but very beautiful town of Safranbolu. In 1994 it has been awarded the status of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, due to perfect monuments of the Ottoman architecture. "Rich with saffron" city, is the meaning of its name. One of the most important trade routes that linked Kastamonu and Istanbul for centuries ago, goes through the city, which was founded in 3000-ies BC.

But merchants do not gain any fame to the city, it is famous for the old turkish houses built in 18-19 centuries, and due to turkish delight, made with saffron. Safranbolu - is the museum under the open air, you only need is to walk, enjoying the landscape and explore the web of tiny streets in the downtown. These houses, bearing the name «konak» - «house», usually are 2-3 levels within 6-9 rooms. The houses are built with timber beams, space between which is filled with bricks made of clay and straw and is plastered later. The second level of the house is always wider and protect previous from direct sun rays. Shadows keep the fresh air at the ground floor, narrow streets and inner yards.
Inhabitants of Safranbolu have one extra improvement for their homes: small pools right inside the houses, with a fountain, to keep suitable temperatureand fresh air inside. A lot of family hotels are located in such a buildings, rooms are open for visitors, except ones where the owners live. And it's very interesting, because you find yourself not in a dusty warehouse, but inside alive history.
Sunny apartments with a lot of windows are decorated with carved wooden ceilings. Furniture inside consists of benches, tables, beds and shelves, which might be parents, or even grandparents of the modern built-in furniture. Every thing is decorated with lacy napkins, towels or blankets. Warm comfortable atmosphere brought by carved wooden ornaments and chests of all sizes and colour tints..