In many ways, between east and west, there are strong mutual relations. Despite the differences in habits and ways of life, you will discover a lot of common on the whole. For us, it is first of all a "gates to the east". Many historical monuments are preserved well here. For a few hours spent in Istanbul, you can "pass through" a thousand years.
And at the same time, it is a modern country with a developed industry and a high level of social security. Many experienced tourists from Europe stay here, and if their expectations are not met, they would not come back anymore. Turkey is not so widely advertised as European resorts, rather it is for the best. If you're in the boonies, away from the bustle, do not regret it, but on the contrary, you will feel better, nearly nothing losing in comfort, and going in a fun and exciting vacation. However there are a lot of a hot noisy discos on the shore, and comfortable cottages on the slopes of the mountains where the air is fresh and cool as spring water. The route from the busy center till the quiet location you could overcome in half an hour.

Alanya - one of the most popular places among Europeans. Pairs of picky Germans and British aunties with nieces, rampant Dutches with a bunch of kids and a merry Danes, the very young and the elderly, together transform Alanya into a tourist paradise, and do not guess on that matter. Due to their residence here, modern hotels and buildings for those who prefer "real estate at the shore", are built. Shopping malls and numerous restaurants to suit all tastes, are open, discos, water parks and dolphins shows are at their service.

If you are always eager to the theater, and couldn't survive even a day without, then on vacations you could get in touch with it. It is quite easy, there are a couple of possibilities at your choice - first one, annual international ballet and opera festival "Anatolian Fire", and another - show "Troya", both at the city of Aspendos. The difference is that the festival is held on the antic stage, while the "Troya" is shown on the modern stage, not far from the original ruins. Ballet and opera festival begins it's history in 1994. An ancient legend describes the reason for the erection of the amphitheater, it moves us back to the middle of the second century AC. There were two pretender for the marriage with Belkys, king's daughter. To solve the problem, the king invited them to take part in competition - to build something significant and necessary to the city. Amphitheater, total capacity from 12 till 15 thousands people, and a huge aqueduct supplying city with water, appeared as a results of this deal. Pragmatic king was preferred aqueduct, but once, being alone on the upper stairs of the theatre he clearly have heard daring words: "Belkys will be mine", Zenon whispered far below, on the stage. The king was impressed with the acoustics and suggested to each pretender the daughter, just being divided by sword in two. Zenon immediately refused, being sincere in his feelings, and at the same moment, had got Belkis and became the winner.

Pamukkale - means cotton castle.

If you're eager for discoveries and adventures instead of lying on the beach, then far away from all the resorts, two hundred kilometers away from Ankara and 90 km from the Black Sea you will find a wonderful gift - a small but very beautiful town of Safranbolu. In 1994 it has been awarded the status of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, due to perfect monuments of the Ottoman architecture. "Rich with saffron" city, is the meaning of its name. One of the most important trade routes that linked Kastamonu and Istanbul for centuries ago, goes through the city, which was founded in 3000-ies BC.

Aquarium in Istanbul. Istanbul in the aquarium. Some kind of a pun. Huge metropolis - is the space where coexist a large variety of life forms, from primitive till extravagant. Watch for the underwater inhabitants and envy to the peace and quiet of the marine society. Look at important and leisurely sea oligarchs, nosy and fussy fishes of middle class.

Fairytale city, town of mysteries. Most tourists goes towards the Mediterranean coast bypassing the Istanbul. Probably for this decision there are serious reasons, but there are other options. At first, it is rather beautiful and interesting, among other arguments to be lost for 3-4 days in Istanbul, worth mention that domestic flights inside Turkey are rather cheaper, then abroad, and you can always find a hotel that fits to your budget. It is best to live in the Sultanahmet district. The main historical monuments and museums are right at hand, while others can be reached in just a few stops by a tram. Major traffic flows are wrapping around this part of town and do not form numerous jams.

Hagia Sophia — the Wisdom of God, — The former cathedral, later — a mosque, now — a museum; the world famous monument of Byzantine architecture, symbol of the "golden age" of Byzantium. The official name of the monument today Hagia Sophia Museum (in Turkish: Ayasofya Müzesi).


At the crossroads of trade routes and the intersection of the interests of various countries and nations, for centuries, was formed a modern city. Traces of certain historical events are seen at every step. Bridge connecting Asia and Europe, a huge megapolis in which closely overlap the different traditions and cultures.